New apparel, novelty items hit the shelves at South Bend Cubs fan shop

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—The South Bend Cubs’ merchandise shop is stocking up on some gear from new brands this season.

“This year we really went after some fun stuff,” South Bend Cubs Merchandise Manager Mary Lou Pallo said.

From baseball hats that are pens to dugout mugs, tons of new items are lining the shelves.

“As soon as we announced we were going to have the All-Star Game, people were out here wanting the merchandise,” Pallo said.

Pallo says she is most excited about this year’s expanded section for South Bend’s smallest fans.

“We made a whole room of just kids. So we were able to bring in toddler caps. We were able to bring in more novelty items, baseball bats, gloves, and obviously expanded apparel, brought in socks,” Pallo said.

The store, open year-round, is also stocking up on jerseys, hoodies and t-shirts.

“My goal and what I tell my staff is, I don’t want to anybody to walk out without something. I want everybody that comes in to find a piece that they love, that they can afford,” Pallo said.

Pallo and her staff say that they’re ready for opening day and can’t wait to help fans rummage through the racks for some new swag.

The South Bend Cubs Den will be open Thursday morning starting at 10 a.m.

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