Rebuilding the historic Ramona Roller Rink, ways you can help

NOW: Rebuilding the historic Ramona Roller Rink, ways you can help

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich.-- A century-old roller-skating rink, reduced to rubble by a bolt of lightning is looking to rise from the ashes.

The Ramona Roller Rink in Dowagiac is now holding fundraisers and vowing to rebuild the family friendly venue.

Just like roller skating, step by step, the Schaus Family is gliding toward progress at the rink after the devastating fire last Tuesday.

Loralei Ellison remembers when the floor at Ramona was still light blue when she was a kid, like the pieces sticking out under the ash and debris.

She was just 16 when her father, Harold Schaus, took over as owner, and was away with him at a skating convention in Florida the day the community staple burnt to the ground.

She and her sons have spent nearly every day since doing what they can to help clean up and see what can be salvaged.

Now they’re asking for some help from the community as they work to rebuild Ramona.

“We’re ready, we’re ready for some help to finally get this cleaned up,” said Ellison.

Saturday they will hold a clean-up day, rain or shine starting at noon where they are asking anyone that is able to come out and get their hands dirty.

They will also be taking donations through The Honor Credit Union, and a “Give Send Go" Campaign. You can donate right now using this link.

Other upcoming fundraisers include a 96th Birthday Party for the Rink July 6, and a fresh egg and arts and craft sale run by the owner’s grandsons.

“The boys are kind of dealing with that, but we’ve had such wonderful people come up and they they’ll pay us out for a dozen eggs, and they’ll give a donation as well, so all of that goes directly to the rink as well,” said their mother, Ellison.

They are also asking if anyone has a large, fair like tent, they can use while rebuilding.

The family has expressed extreme gratitude to the community for all the kind words and help getting through the hardest week of their lives.

They look forward to making more memories at Ramona going forward.

“You never really know how much you impact the community until something like this happens,” added Ellison.

Unfortunately, there has still been no sign of Nugget, the beloved rink cat.

The Ramona Mini Golf Course will be open for the summer to get the staff through summer, as they work to rebuild.

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