Students from Ox Bow Elementary release weather balloon

NOW: Students from Ox Bow Elementary release weather balloon


Students in Miss King’s fourth grade class at Ox Bow Elementary school launched a weather balloon Friday morning.

To prepare for the launch the students had to do research about the atmosphere, present to the school board for permission to travel, file a notice with the FAA and plan experiments.

At of 1 p.m., just three hours into the flight, the balloon was already north of Detroit approaching the Canadian border.

Due to Friday's strong winds, the balloon moved quite quickly. At one point it was in the jet stream doing more than 125 mph.

The balloon landed in Canada. Miss King says they are working out a retrieval plan that doesn't involve passports.

Update the balloon landed in Ontario Canada after reaching speeds of 150 mph in the Jet Stream. it was found safely by a local fire department and will be returned to the kids.

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