Elkhart neighbors gather to honor the life of Jaxon Snyder

NOW: Elkhart neighbors gather to honor the life of Jaxon Snyder

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- After the tragic death of two-year-old Jaxon Snyder, neighbors and community members want to make sure Jaxon’s life is remembered before his death.

The Woods N Water neighborhood community gathered at the home of Jaxon, to light candles, leave flowers, toys, and to help each other mourn his loss.

A neighbor who has watched this story unfold, Amanda Swords, said the candlelight was about Jaxon and supporting each other.

“Supporting each other, talking to each other, hugging each other. I would say this brought together a whole area, a lot of people who maybe didn’t know each other or were newer to the neighborhood, but we met a lot of good people and their kids, we’re just trying to support each other right now,” said Swords.

Many neighbors and community members changed their porch lights to blue, to provide support to the family and honor Jaxon’s memory.

Pastor for St. Mark Missionary Church, Adam Sharpe, spokes words of comfort at the candle lit memorial. He says healing can be found in the community.

“Even though there’s a senseless tragedy that happened and yes, we’re sad and yes, we feel these things and yes, we have these emotions; we can still come together and heal together. I think that’s something we need to be reminded of often when we have these pretty heavy emotions,” said Sharpe.

Neighbors hope blue porch lights will turn on all across the community, spreading the memory of Jaxon's life.

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