57 Minute Miracle heads to St. Vincent de Paul

Throughout the month of November, ABC57 wanted to help the community, one family at a time, called the 57 Minute Miracle.

At a popular thrift store in South Bend, one shopper is going to make a difference in the life of her friend.

It's closing time at St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store, the store that bares the name of the patron saint of charitable giving.

Inside, one customer is going to leave with more than just a deal, she is about to make a miracle happen.

Barb Toth is about to help her friend Joni Hill, who is going through a difficult time, be a recipient of $570 with the help of ABC 57's Kim Chappell.

Both Barb and Kim have 57 minutes to find Joni and deliver her the money.

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