57 Minute Miracle: Plymouth woman healing after open heart surgery

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- The last 57 Minute Miracle of the year is here, and Meteorologist Maci Tetrick is hopeful to give someone in Plymouth $570 as a holiday miracle.

How does this series work? After meeting someone randomly, Maci will ask if he or she knows anyone who could use a holiday miracle. If the first person can get us to the person in need in 57 minutes, we can give them the $570 miracle.

Our team was just getting set up in downtown Plymouth, when a blue car parked in front of them.

Out of the car came Penny Singleton, who had no idea she was about to be our Miracle Maker for the day.

"I have an aunt who just had open heart surgery," Penny described, after we asked who could use a holiday miracle. "While she was having open heart surgery, she lost her dog that she had."

Penny was willing to help us find her aunt, whose name was Rose. The timer was ticking, but it seemed like it would be a quick trip to find Rose.

Little did they know they were in for a major twist on the journey.

Will Penny and Maci find Rose in time to give her the $570? Watch the three videos above to see their journey!

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