Boosting BH Update: Local gardener creates second community plant

Emma Kinnard, who runs a community garden for children in the city, is trying to plant seeds around the community and sprout more gardens in the area. 

Kinnard's Fresh Start garden is set to open back up for kids this summer. But now she's helping a local church start one of their own. 

She aided Abundant Life Church in clearing the abandoned lot across from them, pulling

up weeds and clearing trash to give another Benton Harbor neighborhood a community garden. 

The goal of the community garden is to teach kids about healthy eating while also beautifying the surrounding area. Kinnard now wants to spread that concept around while promoting unity. 

"Its about coming together and making things work," said Emma Kinnard. "When one is hurting you are hurting. So what we want to do is have our whole community to love one another, come together, talk to one another, and we will find out we have more in common than we have not."

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