Covid-19 cases rising while vaccination rates remain low

NOW: Covid-19 cases rising while vaccination rates remain low

ELKHART, Ind – This week, Elkhart County managed to go from yellow to orange in terms of positive covid-19 cases. While the county is attempting to combat the positive cases with vaccinations, there seems to be something preventing residents from receiving their shot.

It's no surprise that the county is aware of the rise in covid cases. There have been three vaccine clinics in Elkhart but the residents are not taking the opportunity to attend them.

The state of Indiana brought the five day pfizer vaccine clinic to the Tolson Community Center in Elkhart, with the intentions of making things safer. So what needs to happen in order to reach that goal?

"We just need a little bit more movement on the ground. We think about outreach and education, and influencing individuals to change their mindset." said Minority Health Coalition Executive Director, Tara Morris.

State officials are aware of the hesitancy and is currently putting their best foot forward to remove doubt from anyone who fits the hesitant state of mind.

"Getting their thoughts and seeing where their thinking is. And put them in a position to where it’s can I help you to get to that understanding." said Tara Morris.

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