Jason Critchlow thanks supporters after election loss

NOW: Jason Critchlow thanks supporters after election loss

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Jason Critchlow addressed a crowd of supporters shortly after the election was called Tuesday night.

Critchlow was the biggest challenger to James Mueller’s mayoral campaign -- promising to build on the momentum the city has seen in recent years, but taking it out to the neighborhoods of South Bend.

He mounted an aggressive television campaign and picked up some big endorsements from the South Bend Tribune and several big labor unions.

In the end it wasn't enough to secure  the votes.

“We had the right messages,” Critchlow told supporters. “We had the right vision and we sure as hell put in the work. Nobody worked harder than we did, but fate had other plans for our campaign tonight and it was not winning today’s election.”

Critchlow offered Mueller his full support on his campaign moving forward as he now looks to the general election in November, and encouraged his supporters to do the same.

He also vowed to make sure all candidates make good on their campaign promises.

“We have to hold our democratic candidates accountable moving forward for the things that were talked about on this campaign,” said Critchlow. “The promises that were made. The goals that were set. Not just on mayoral candidates, but our council candidates as well. We have to stand beside them and hold them accountable for the things we know need to happen here in South Bend.”

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