Local mom speaks out about opioid crisis after loss

NOW: Local mom speaks out about opioid crisis after loss

PLYMOUTH, Ind. - Becky Savage, a local mother of Penn High School boys, spoke to Plymouth high school students on Wednesday about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

In 2015, Becky lost her two sons when they mixed opioids and alcohol at a local party.

She and her husband created the 525 Foundation the following year in response to the tragedy, to prevent this from happening to other families and to honor their sons.

The foundation’s purpose is to educate teens and families about the dangers of the misuse and abuse of alcohol and prescription medicines, as well as other drugs.

 The two boys had both been successful Penn High School athletes before they died.

After listening to Savage’s story, current student Tyler Richey stated, "Not only did one of her children pass away, but two, they had goals, it was clear what their goals were. All two of them wanted to go to college, and all two of them had careers to pursue, and they couldn't do it because of one party, one bad day."

James Condon, the Principal at Plymouth High School, spoke to the educators and parents, saying, “Take the time each day to talk to young people, and share the importance of making good decisions. Don't be afraid to share your failures, and always challenge them to fail forward.”

The event, hosted at Plymouth High School, was open to all Marshall County High School students and staff members.

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