Michiana organization hosts fundraiser to help save cat's lives

A Michiana organization wants to help the community’s feline friends.

The Meow Mission works to reduce the amount of free-roaming cats in Michiana. In order to keep saving cat’s lives, they seek donations and host fundraisers and one of them is happening Sunday in Mishawaka.

It’s their sixth annual “Alley’s for Alley Cats” event at Strikes and Spare in Mishawaka. For only fifteen-dollars (or ten dollars with a cat food donation) and the cost of shoe rental, you can enjoy unlimited bowling for two hours. There will also be raffle tickets, a bake sale, contests and other prizes.

It’s being held in honor of National Feral Cat Day and all the money raised will go towards spaying and neutering roaming cats in Michiana. The organization thinks it’s a big issue.

“I think it’s an issue in any community. I think for years and a lot of the time people just ignore the problem and hope it will go away someone else will take care of it but it’s just not going to go away,” said Kylie Carter, a volunteer with Meow Mission.

They say nearly eighty percent of kittens come from outdoor cats. Spaying and neutering them is the only way to reduce the number. They also work to help those cats get adopted.

“Most of the time they do get picked up by animal control or different people will take them to shelters,” Carter said.

“They think they’re doing a good job. Although they might find a home, the truth is most of them don’t find a home only about 20% of the cats find a home,” Carter said.

The event begins at 12 P.M. and will go until 2 P.M. For more information on the cause, go to www.themeowmission.org

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