New police disciplinary process asks community feedback

NOW: New police disciplinary process asks community feedback

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- The South Bend Police Department is working with community members to create a new Disciplinary Matrix.

This new matrix was compiled from suggestions of members of the community who could also report possible violations that an officer could commit.

The officers themselves were also able to provide suggestions.

According to South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski, the new matrix is still considered a “living document.”

Stephanie Steele of the Corporation Counsel said, “We know it's not perfect and that is why we're asking for feedback, but this is where we are and we're very proud of where we've come. We think this will help the community and the officers know what to anticipate if a violation has taken place, as well as the board and the police chiefs to have a starting point for presumptive discipline."

The matrix will be finalized at the next board meeting in January, but the current version can be seen online, and more community suggestions can be made before the finalization.

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