Notre Dame students participate in Halloween festivities

NOW: Notre Dame students participate in Halloween festivities

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Athletes and students at the University of Notre Dame hosted a trick or treating event on Thursday morning.

Kids in full costumes went to Notre Dame to receive some candy from the students.

Collin Stoecker, a Notre Dame graduate who currently works in Student Welfare and Development at the university, said, “Kicking off Halloween, it’s awesome that we get to meet so many different kids and kind of kick off their holiday, give them some candy and share some smiles with them. This is what Notre Dame is about, its special when we get to use our platform to help other people and to make people happy, which I love about working here.”

The event was an early alternative to traditional trick or treating, offering an opportunity for kids to dress up and get candy indoors, away from the cold, rainy weather outside.

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