Owners close Mulligan's Bar and Grill after nearly 12 years

NOW: Owners close Mulligan’s Bar and Grill after nearly 12 years


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Mulligan's Bar and Gill will close for the final time early Saturday morning. The owners have sold the business and will be enjoying retirement.

Pat and Sue Mulligan have owned the popular spot for Irish fans since 2009.

“This place is heaven on earth. That’s the only way to describe it. The University of Notre Dame is heaven on earth,” Pat said.

Sue said it was really just a smart financial decision.

“Honestly it was a little bit cheaper for me to move here than to keep flying him here and renting hotels. Now we just own a piece of the rock so it’s different,” Sue said.

On their final day, Pat was emotional because the bar holds such a big piece of his heart.

“We opened August 3, on my mom's birthday in 2009, and she never got to see it here, which I wish she did. But my dad was able to come up and he still comes to all the games with me. I carry his ashes with me to every game,” Pat said.

Pat says he won't stop going to Notre Dame games anytime soon.

"I hope this year’s football team is going to be very successful and let's get a national championship. Go Irish,” Pat said.

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