Storm damage left unclaimed for days

NOW: Storm damage left unclaimed for days

Elkhart County, Ind -- A resident on county road 15, has been left with lingering storm damage for six days now and is tired of being patient.

During the storm over the weekend, one resident says that a tree fell onto a pole line sitting over her driveway.

Since that day, the pole line has not been replaced, although the broken trees, were removed by the city immediately.

The storm did not take the power from the home, but it did make things difficult for those who rely on the business that runs from the home.

"I’ve had the run around. I’m patient, I know there’s been trees down and electric down but this is 6 days later. I need to have this fixed." said Sharon Johnson

Over the week, Johnson has been in contact with the city, county, telephone, and cable companies, but nobody will fess up to who owns the poll.

"I don’t know who else to call. I’ve called everybody that I know to call and nobody’s claiming the pole. Nobody wants to fix the wire. We obviously can’t leave it like this." said Johnson

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