Water at South Beach contaminated with E. Coli

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. -- A no-swimming advisory continues to be in effect for South Haven's South Beach because the water is still showing high levels of E. Coli.

For many, the waves of Lake Michigan can be like a siren's song - peaceful and tempting, especially on a nice day.

The beautiful weather brought Sylvia Fraley to the beach.

"I just like the sound of the water. It's very relaxing," said Fraley.

For now, that may be her only option.

High E. Coli levels in the water of Lake Michigan at South Beach is limiting what beachgoers can do in the water.

Swimming isn't recommended.

Despite this week's advisories, people are still finding ways to enjoy themselves.

"That wasn't a really big deal to us, because we didn't intend to go swimming anyways. We would've liked to gone wading up and down the beach, but it's still very pleasant," said Fraley.

A feeling shared by others as well.

"Can't go in the water? That's O.K. Another time," said Audrey Bishop.

Bishop and her family soaked up the sun instead.

She said they didn't let the advisory dampen the mood.

"We came and saw some signs, but we still stayed and we're having a great time," said Bishop.

State officials will test the water later this week. If the water comes back clean, the advisory will be lifted.

It is rare for this beach to be shut down for E. Coli contamination. The last time it happened was three years ago.

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